It's Up To Us


It's up to us, Democrats, to protect our Constitutional Democracy and preserve our American way of life — not with words but with Rational Solutions and Reforms!


My Masters Degree is in Social Work, not finance!  Instead striving for personal wealth and working for financial banking institutions, I have striven to serve my community as a social worker, counselor, Nursing Home Administrator and occasional nursing assistant — admittedly, not a great path to wealth and fame!


The Todd Truax Campaign is the only campaign that can claim 100% Grassroots support and consists of dedicated, 100%-unpaid volunteers.  For the past twenty (20) years I have lived in Florida and developed deep roots in the communities I have served through service with the following:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • The Boy Scouts of America
  • Cafe of Life
  • Hope Hospice
  • Naples High School's Academic Booster Club and Band Boosters
  • The Greater Naples Little League Association

During these years, I have rolled up my sleeves and fought for the elderly and those who have been allowed to fall through the cracks in our society — who are the reason why I'm running for the Florida District 19 Congressional seat.  To that end, I fully and wholeheartedly support Medicare For All, along with the tax-reform model what will provide the revenue that will be necessary to fund MFA as well as the other social programs indispensable to the health and prosperity of our middle class and those whose existence is threatened by the status quo.


My Pledge:

Under no circumstances will our campaign accept any donations from any individual, firm or corporation whatsoever which is in any manner opposed to our Progressive Agenda, especially healthcare insurance corporations.


Because it was never my plan to become a professional politician, I have never paid a red cent to any individual or consultant for instruction in political speech and the rhetorical arts. Instead, I have been searching for realistic solutions and reforms designed to make the American dream a reality for all, regardless of political labels.  However . . .


Democracy Is Not Cheap!

As Winston Churchill might have said, putting America on the right track again will take lots of "toil, sweat and tears!"  Going forward, Democracy will require constant vigilance, involvement and patriotic candidates with Rational Solutions and Reforms — not politicians telling us what we already know: that something is terribly wrong in America!


The Bleak State Of The Union

Voter Apathy - Not Good For Democracy

Estimates show that 42% of the voters stayed home during the 2016 election, exceeding voter participation in 2012!  Allegedly, some who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 voted for Donald Trump in 2016.  Why?  Because the Obama-era "recovery" passed them by and, mistakenly, believed Trump would do better by them.  It's not enough to get elected; without solutions, the apathetic are bound to remain apathetic!


More Robots = Higher Unemployment

As our population grows, inevitable technological advances in artificial intelligence and robotics, etc., will shrink the need for labor — not to mention job outsourcing to other countries! —  which can only result in a permanent state of chronic unemployment for tens of millions of Americans, cheap labor and more wealth for the 1%.  More and more Americans will need 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet, which is shameful and is actually happening right now, in 2018!  How many fast-food-restaurant jobs will we need in the future?


Heartless Healthcare

In addition to the above, we have a heartless, inefficient healthcare system which, compared to European and other less developed nations than ours, is not only far more expensive but often drives less privileged Americans into personal bankruptcy and, in some cases, homelessness.  As a caring American, in a super-wealthy nation as ours, this is unnecessary and shameful as well!


Ancient Infrastructure

Our ancient infrastructure does not reflect the wealthiest nation in the world.  Many of our nation's roads, bridges and airports are falling apart.  As our government showers millionaires and billionaires with tax cuts, our roads, bridges, airports and railways remain crumbling relics of times long past.  It's time we put the trillion dollars just given away to the bankers and CEOs into rebuilding America from the ground up. Just by investing in new transportation systems, waterways, housing and an energy grid safe from cyber attacks, millions of new, non-exportable American jobs, which we will need in the near future, can be created.


Inadequate Education System

U.S. students' academic achievement still lags that of their peers in many other countries  Our teachers, the only ones who could provide the best possible education to the children of America, are severely underpaid and NOT always treated with the respect and dignity that those whose task is to prepare our children for a bright and prosperous future deserve!  Under these conditions, how can we expect the best and the brightest to be part of our education system?


Global Warming, Our Environment, Clean Water and Air

Regardless of our personal position on global warming, the fact remains that clean water, clean air and a safe and healthy environment are not luxuries!  They are inalienable human rights indispensable to our existence!  Florida's green algae/red tide problem has made it abundantly clear that something must be done quickly to stabilize the quality of our water and our air and, again, the solution will be expensive!


If we don't put our differences aside, unite and start looking at the big picture, our planet's future, our children's and our American way of life will remain bleak — for everyone!  The time is now!

How To Bring Americans Together, Improve Their Lives


And Protect Our Democracy In The Process

Our Democracy and its institutions are in danger.  The vast majority of our nation's wealth is owned by a select, greedy and insatiable 1% who own most of the wealth in our country and still want more.  To make things worse, with an indifferent Republican Congress in Washington, inequality and injustice increasingly become more evident in America.


To address a Future Bleak State Of The Union that is certain to affect the life of every American, grow the ranks of the unemployed and the poor and make the wealthy wealthier, we will need the following Rational Solutions and Reforms:


The Fair Automatic Simple Tax (a.k.a. "FAST")

  • eliminates all deductions, loopholes and special credits
  • everyone pays their own fair share, especially the 1%
  • generates enough revenue to gradually pay off our $21-Trillion-Plus national debt
  • provides the revenue necessary to deal with future chronic unemployment, the infrastructure, healthcare, education, the environment and much more


Rational Term Limits (constitutional tweak needed)

  • Elimination of lifetime tenure
  • 4-year term for House members - 2 consecutive terms maximum
  • 6-year term for Senators - 2 consecutive terms maximum
  • All can run again after 1 term out of office
  • More time to legislate and actually read the bills they vote on
  • Reduction in quid-pro-quo fund-raising (Dark Money), especially during final term in office
  • More qualified candidates will be able to run for office
  • Increased trust in the integrity and fairness of our political system


Lobby Reform

  • stop revolving-door politics
  • stop lobbyists' corrupt practices
  • put an end to Dark Money


Judicial Reform

  • Take away future presidents' power to:
  • fire those who are investigating their potential crimes
  • pardon criminal coconspirators who have colluded in his or her crimes, including family members
  • arbitrarily, on his own, revoke security clearances from any individual whatsoever without due cause


Joint Candidates Cluster ("JCC")

  • designed to enhance Democratic candidate viability, party unity and legislative goals
  • support other Democratic candidates who are supportive of the foregoing Solutions and Reforms
  • share information with cluster members regarding fundraising, logistics and other resources
  • instill a sense of community among Democratic candidates, that they are not running alone


Behold The Blue Wave!

We must not forget what happened to the Democratic party in 2010.  That year, we lost both Houses to Tea-Party Republicans, a defeat from which we still have not recovered and which keeps Donald Trump in the White House!  The best way for Democratic candidates to prepare for the much vaunted, coming Blue Wave, therefore, is to consider our above-mentioned Rational Solutions and Reforms — which enjoy wide appeal across party lines — and get ready to implement them in 2019.  After state primaries are over, Democratic candidates would do well to consider our Joint Candidates Cluster initiative so when they arrive in Washington they will be ready to legislate instead of getting ready to fundraise for the next election.


Be Informed! • Don't Be Bamboozled By Politicians Who Tell You What You Want To Hear! • Compare! • Volunteer! • Motivate Others To Volunteer! • Vote For Candidates With Real Solutions, Not Just Words!



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Todd Truax For Congress

P.O. Box 367193

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© 2018 Todd Truax For Congress.

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Todd Truax For Congress

P.O. Box 367193

Bonita Springs, FL 34136


© 2018 Todd Truax For Congress.

 Paid for by Todd Truax For Congress